Sunday, March 1, 2009

Choc'ZZ Chocolate Boutique

Hello chocolate lovers!!! Craving for chocolates?
Choc'ZZ chocolate boutique now open in MELAKA!!
From dark, milk to white chocolates. You name it..we got it! Choc'ZZ chocolate boutique has many great varieties for you...
See you there!


  1. Chocolate ape yang di jual disini ?
    Boleh saya dapatkan cocholate durian tak?

    Azzaelea , Miri Sarawak

  2. where will your shop be?

    are the chocolates halal?

  3. Hello Azzaelea..

    Ada bermacam macam jenis coklat di Choc'ZZ! Coklat Durian semesti nya ada =)

    Dear Ummimusa,
    Thanks for dropping by. Choc'ZZ Chocolate boutique is located in Banda Hilir Melaka and please feel free to view our latest post for the address!

    Yes, all our products are certified Halal and are all vegie base!

  4. Halu

    What type of chocolate u made? pralines, truffle?
    Belguim chocolate used? How much for 100g

  5. Hi there.

    We do have hand made chocs which are mostly pralines. We don't sell it in loose and it comes in variety of packings.

    As mentioned, all are local products!